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Sky Communications Inc. (SkyComGlobal) is a proud partner with CISCO ( ).  As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of networking hardware and software, CISCO offers a wide range of products, solutions and services to fit technology needs for small to large businesses, global corporations, state/local/municipal agencies and the Federal Government.  In 2021, CISCO selected Sky Communications, Inc. for membership in the African American Cisco Partner Community (AACPC) Program. Cisco has committed $50M over five years to increase the partner ecosystem diversity and Partners in the program receive unique access to Cisco technology, consulting, training and capital programs.  CISCO currently has only 14 African American Acceleration Partners and Sky Communications Inc. is the leading partner in the Federal segment.

African American

Cisco Partner Community

Certified as a Cisco Premier Integrator Partner, Sky Communications Inc. can design and deliver Cisco products, solutions and services. What can we help your business with today? Whether you are looking for ways manage your IT network, or get ready for hybrid work, or connect with your employees and customers, or move from your legacy systems from “what’s now to what’s next”, Sky Communications Inc. and Cisco are ready to serve and support you.

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Cisco Solutions

From networking and data center to collaboration and security, CISCO has IT solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Find out how CISCO can help. (By Technology – By Industry – By Business Type)

Cisco Solutions for Government

Cisco is your trusted technology partner in government. From modernizing critical infrastructure to delivering cybersecurity and compliance, CISCO securely connects governments and constituents with transformative technologies that power an inclusive future for all.

Cisco Solutions for Healthcare

Cisco’s approach to healthcare puts healthcare organizations on the cutting edge of technology-enabled care. Cisco solutions can help deliver care anywhere, transform the workplace and make data-driven care decisions.

Cisco Solutions for Education

Cisco’s solutions for education can securely connect educators, students, and administrators with transformative technologies that power inclusive learning for all.

Cisco Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cisco Solutions for small and medium-sized businesses can help protect assets, enable work from anywhere, keep everyone connected and build smarter workspaces.