The Benefits of Comprehensive IT Networking Services

A healthy IT network provides its users and owners with peace of mind. As information is exchanged within an organization at a furiious rate, a robust IT network provides top-level control.

When maintained and updated consistently by a qualified third party, an IT network can also quickly scale to match growing needs. SkyCom creates convenient, streamlined onboarding experiences for new users and maintains rock-solid security protocols, even in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Network Services Tools

Network Services Tools

For an IT network to function properly, it requires the right components. SkyCom offers these, including:

  • Establishing a vital internet service and connection
  • Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) for fast and efficient traffic routing throughout your network
  • Ethernet services for elite computing connections
  • Local Voice via PRI for clean concurrent interactions between team members
Hosted and Cloud Services

Hosted and Cloud Services

The correct infrastructure must be in place to create a unified and secure IT network. Starting with proper hosting services from a single provider will keep the network as secure as possible because there are fewer entry points into the system for threats to exploit. In addition, dependable cloud-based service options will help a network make the jump from past to present IT solutions.

SkyCom offers a suite of hosted and cloud solutions as well as on-premises support and security options to meet your IT Networking requirements. We also provide vetted, secure data center co-location for off-site flexibility.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

As we build, revamp, upgrade, and maintain your IT network, SkyCom considers the user experience, as well. We provide many specialized services to ensure your IT network transition is smooth, effective, and pain-free.

SkyCom offers expedited order processing, installation, network security services, and disaster recovery planning. We even deliver custom designs to meet your exact specifications.

Case Study

An IT provider should always come with a strong track record. SkyCom meets that requirement with nearly thirty years of experience providing IT networking services for the federal government.

SkyCom has worked for many years with one of the largest Civilian agencies serving American citizens. This government body supports over 26,000 users working across multiple on-site workplaces and hundreds at additional remote locations.

SkyCom’s role has been providing critical hands-on support in overseeing VoIP network traffic and equipment. From modernization to technical requirements, such as programming, installation, and repairs of telecommunication systems and upgrades, SkyCom has helped and continues to help this agency maintain strong networking capabilities across all its users.



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