SkyCom’s Quartet of IT Solutions

Many aspects of a healthy company hinge on exceptional IT service, from security to simplicity, communication to delegation. When CEOs, CTOs, and other public sector leaders consider how they can improve their IT departments, they do so for the betterment of their organizations.

SkyCom has found four areas to be top priorities for our clients. We offer elite services for each category and can tailor them to your unique specifications.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Also known as UCC, Unified Communications & Collaboration is our most important service offering. Our UCC services strive to bring together all the dissonant communication channels within an organization, including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), messaging, and web conferencing.

Once we assess these communication channels, our goal is to link these disparate elements, which are often haphazardly spread across legacy systems. When combined, they create a single, unified space that bridges the gap between old, outdated IT and cutting-edge, premise, hybrid, and cloud-based solutions.

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Converged Networks

IT Networking

UCC isn’t possible without a healthy, functioning IT infrastructure. This is why we offer IT networking services, as well.

IT networking provides high-quality control over an organization’s internal communications and can scale to match growing needs. SkyCom’s IT Networking services include premise, hybrid, cloud-based solutions, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), and more.

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IT Security

Healthy IT networking and UCC capabilities require exceptional security. SkyCom’s IT Security services provide a range of innovative, cutting-edge cybersecurity options that can take your organization’s digital safety to the next level.

Our IT safety tool chest includes security governance design and policy framework plus multi-layered perimeter cybersecurity defense and security operations center (SOC) planning, design, operation, and staffing.

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IT Service Management and Operations

Managed IT Services

IT service management (or ITSM) is a comprehensive service that provides third-party support for your IT network, UCC, and IT security protocols and execution.

Managed services, as they relate to IT, include forming policies and procedures, providing video support, handling an internal IT service desk, and creating, operating, and staffing a network operations center (NOC). Managed IT Services is a convenient, secure option that allows you to tap into elite third-party IT support for your organization-wide IT needs.

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Case Study

Large organizations should work with a UCC and IT provider with a comprehensive suite of IT solutions. SkyCom has met that requirement, particularly as it is needed in the Federal sector.

For example, we are in our sixth year of providing holistic support for a regulatory commission with 16,000 users operating across 40 locations. We deliver help desk services, SLAs, and various other UCC support services.

Another example is a government agency with 400 remote locations and over 26,000 users. Once again, SkyCom’s services are varied and tailored to the needs of the Federal agency. We provide support in the form of installation, documentation, programming, and ongoing guidance and upgrade support.

Whether for specific communications needs or a variety of IT requirements (or both), SkyCom has the services and track record to provide a custom solution.


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