SkyCom maintains a Top-Secret Facility Clearance and is eligible for access to classified information or award of classified contracts. We can provide cleared personnel to deliver all services and support in both Secure and Non-Secure environments.

As part of our corporate infrastructure, SkyCom has a dedicated Facility Security Officer (FSO), who oversees full compliance with Federal and public sector procedures, access to secure IT Systems, and other security screening procedures and requirements at Federal agencies.


Healthcare organizations have difficulty finding the experienced IT staff resources needed to handle their IT infrastructure issues, including problems related to the call centers they use to support patient, provider, and medical staff needs.

SkyCom offers:

  • Call center applications that support patient, physician, and provider requirements
  • Staff augmentation for on-site personnel and/or remote monitoring services
  • Professional Services consulting for bridging the gap between legacy environments and enterprise-wide VoIP and/or Unified Communications as a Service or cloud solutions

For example, SkyCom has experience successfully implementing a call center for one of the world’s foremost medical research organizations, as well as delivering ongoing maintenance and technical support.


State, Local, and Education

Customers within the SLED sector face many challenges, including:

  • Shrinking budgets for IT projects
  • Limited experienced staff for ongoing operations and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Evolving changes in technology that are hard to manage, especially with the rising security threats from external forces

SkyCom meets these challenges by providing highly trained and experienced IT professionals who can work with SLED clients to design, deploy, and support a tailored solution.

Ask for a meeting with a SkyCom networking expert and receive a consultation for enhancing your IT, telecom, and communications infrastructure.